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Swimming Pool Filter Problems to Look Out For

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The swimming pool filter is one most important components that are essential for the smooth running of your pool. It serves to filter debris and remove fine particles. This keeps the pool water sparkling and safe.  Given the key role it plays, problems are common time to time. It is very important to be on the lookout of swimming pool filter problems. The issues should be repaired quickly by a professional contractor to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. The following filter problems need immediate attention.


Leaks are the most common pool filter problems. A leak can be spotted by a dripping sound around the filter. You may also notice a puddle of water collecting around the filter. A leak in the filter will not cause a significant loss of water in the pool. However, ignoring it will only make the problem worse. Occasionally, you need to check the filter band and remove any debris. Dirt around the filter band will create a loose attachment that can cause leaks. A professional should also assess the tank for any leaks. Depending on the extent, the filter may be repaired or replaced.

Short Cycles

You may notice that from time to time the filter may be operating in short cycles. If this problem persists, especially when the pool is not being used, it may be a warning sign. In most cases, short cycles point to a high flow rate. This could mean that the pump may be dispelling water at a very high rate. It could also indicate that the filter is not big enough to handle the flow rate. Algae and debris may also cause the filter to clog up resulting in shorter cycles. You need to consult with a pool contractor who will examine if you are using the proper system and recommend the right capacity.

Pressure Problems

It is important to regularly check the pool's pressure using a filter gauge. However, the gauge is not always accurate. You need to check the pressure on a regular basis. Pressure problems can point to a filter problem. Clean the filter of any debris, as this could affect the pressure. If you notice that the pressure is low, this could mean that there is a blockage in the system. High pressure may indicate an obstruction that is beyond the filter. A professional will check the asses the pressure problem and identify the root cause.

If you have any questions about your pool filter and how it's operating, contact a local filter specialist, such as Leisure Coast Pool Centre.