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The Three Types of Swimming Pool Cleaners

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An automatic pool cleaner is probably the best type of pool equipment that you can purchase. Every pool owner knows how time consuming it is to manually clean the pool every week, and not many people enjoy this task. By purchasing an automatic pool cleaner, you will spend less time taking care of your pool, and a lot more time relaxing. When it comes to pool cleaners, there are three basic types that you could choose from – each of them classified by how they collect and clean away the debris.

Suction-Side Pool Cleaners

These cleaners are capable of using suction power created by the pool's filtration system in order to propel the cleaner around the pool and collect the debris found on the bottom. Since these pool cleaners are directly connected to the pool's skimmer system, the debris and dirt collected is then directly deposited into the filtration system.

When it comes to their installation, it's extremely easy to install a suction-side pool cleaner. In addition to being easy to install, these cleaners also have more benefits than pressure-side cleaners, since you won't need to do any adjustment or purchase any additional parts during the installation process.

Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

A pressure-side pool cleaner connects directly to your pool's return line fitting. As their name implies, they use powerful jets of water in order to clean around the pool and draw up the debris from the bottom and sides of the pool into a filtering bag (which is connected directly to the cleaning system).

When compared to suction-side cleaners, pressure-side pool cleaners are more powerful since they are capable of climbing the walls of in-ground swimming pools, and thus, can clean more effectively. Another benefit of these cleaners is that they are connected directly to the swimming pool's return line fitting, which means that the skimmer is able to draw the debris and dirty water from the pool's surface. As a result, the so-called "dead spots" of the pool are eliminated and you can rest assured that every spot in your pool is properly cleaned.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

These cleaners have their own filtration system, which means that they ultimately operate independently from the pool's primary filtration system. With these cleaners, you won't have to worry about performing adjustments or dealing with tedious hoses around the pool. Because they have their own electric motor, these cleaners move around the pool with ease and create the proper suction needed to clean the pool. As these cleaners move around the pool's surface, they will also circulate and help filter the water in the swimming pool.

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