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Reasons Why Opting For A Variable Speed Pool Pump Is A Great Idea

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Are you interested in buying a pool pump but you are not sure which type you should opt for? Then consider choosing a variable speed pool pump because of the variety of benefits that you'll get in return. They add value by providing more flexibility and reducing the cost of operating your pool. To find out how they do this, read on for the advantages.

  • Saves energy: these pool pumps can be setup to work at full capacity during the times of the day that you are in the pool and then at low capacity when you are not using the pool. This is advantageous because you will have a fresh pool whenever you want to swim in it but at a lower expense, because with a variable speed pool pump less power is used up. A variable speed pump is more expensive than a single speed pump, but if you can handle the initial upfront cost, then it will be to your advantage. That is because the operating costs of a variable speed pump is lower, and you will save money in the long run.
  • Less strain on the plumbing: when the pump operates at a slower speed setting, then it will put a smaller strain on the plumbing and filtration system. This means that the different components of the pool will receive less wear and tear over time – consequently, the need for repairs will be lower.
  • Advanced technology: variable speed pumps have better technology than single speed pumps because they are newer to the marketplace. Therefore, you can expect quiet operation noise, less engine heat to be produced as a result of friction, fewer instances of breakdowns, less need for maintenance and in-built diagnostics that can tell you what is wrong if a problem does occur. Furthermore, you can expect there to be an interface that will allow you to set the speeds for different times of the day.
  • Set the right speed: with single speed pool pumps, the setting might be too powerful for your pool if it has a small size. So you will be left in a situation where you are wasting power on extra water pumping when there is no need from it. On the other hand, a variable speed pool pump will allow you to match the strength of the water pumping with the approximate size of your swimming pool.

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