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Should You Install A Saltwater Pool?

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Every pool needs to be treated in order to remain safe. Bacteria, viruses, and similar contaminants are free to build up if this does not occur, so treatment is never going to be optional. However, you do have the choice to install a saltwater pool instead.

What are the advantages of saltwater?

Firstly, you need to understand that saltwater pools contain salt levels far below those that are found in the ocean. It doesn't create more buoyancy, or actually disinfect the pool itself, but rather reacts with a salt chlorinator unit to produce a steady stream of convertible chlorine which serves to keep the pool clean.

However, the level of chlorine present remains uniform, and is much lower than it would be with tablets. Painful red eyes, lung irritation, and asthma aren't produced or exacerbated, and the salt is far kinder to skin and hair than harsh chemical tablets. In fact, even your swimsuit won't be as damaged if you use saltwater. Its less harmful nature also makes saltwater a good choice for families with pets.

The fact that chlorine is released continuously also means that less maintenance work is required. If you use chlorine tablets, you will need to regularly test the water and then add more to balance the pH levels. This isn't necessary in a saltwater pool, and you'll also end up spending less money since the salt never completely disappears or disperses, though it will be diluted by rainwater.

Are there any drawbacks?

Saltwater pools aren't a new idea, even if they are becoming a little more widely used. The fact is that chlorine pools are familiar and easy to operate. Most pool owners simply feel better about maintaining their pool this way because there is so much information, and because chlorine tablets are so readily available.

Additionally, it cannot be denied that a chlorinated pool represents a lower initial outlay than a saltwater pool. This is due to the fact that the chlorinator is made of expensive materials such as titanium, copper, lead, and even gold. However, it should be noted that the cost of chlorine tablets will be greater than that of the necessary salt. How much you need to take the initial payment into account will depend on how often you plan to use the pool. If you're going to be living in a property for a good few years and using the pool on a regular basis, saltwater will probably end up being less expensive.

The benefits associated with saltwater pools are becoming more well-known with each passing year, and it's seriously worth taking the time to consider whether installing one might be the right option for you. For more information, contact a business such as South Pacific Pools.