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Tips to Remember When Cleaning a Green Pool

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Your swimming pool may become green or very dirty if debris or algae accumulate in that pool to a high level. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should bear in mind as you clean that pool. Avoid Vacuuming the Pool  Some homeowners try to vacuum the pool in an attempt to clean it quickly when it has become green. This is not advisable for several reasons. First, you will be unable to see what is at the bottom of that pool. Read More»

Designs and Features to Discuss With Your Designer Pool Builder

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A standard pool builder may simply dig a pit for concrete in your yard, and you might be happy with this type of pool. However, if you’ve hired designer pool builders, this means taking the time to add extra features that make your pool more comfortable and inviting, more attractive, or just more unique. While you might have some ideas about the type of pool you want, note a few designs and features to discuss with your pool builder so you know you wind up with the pool of your dreams. Read More»

Pool Maintenance: 4 Step-By-Step Techniques To Remove Calcium Stains From Pool Tiles

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If you own a pool at home, you’ll know that keeping it clean and pristine is important for the health and safety of you and your family. Over time, calcium and hard water stains may develop along the water line on your pool tiles. Eliminating these stains is a vital part of swimming pool maintenance, so you need to make sure you get the job done right. Follow these step-by-step techniques to remove calcium stains from pool tiles. Read More»

Swimming Pool Filter Problems to Look Out For

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The swimming pool filter is one most important components that are essential for the smooth running of your pool. It serves to filter debris and remove fine particles. This keeps the pool water sparkling and safe.  Given the key role it plays, problems are common time to time. It is very important to be on the lookout of swimming pool filter problems. The issues should be repaired quickly by a professional contractor to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Read More»