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3 Different Ways To Transform The Look Of Your Swimming Pool

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If you have had a pool for a few years, it’s very easy to get bored with the usual look. As an outdoor recreational facility, a swimming pool should be inviting. Just like your house may need a renovation or your garden may need some thorough work, your pool, too, can benefit from a makeover. Through the services of a pool service company, you can completely change the look of your pool to make your outdoor area exciting again: Read More»

Reasons Why Opting For A Variable Speed Pool Pump Is A Great Idea

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Are you interested in buying a pool pump but you are not sure which type you should opt for? Then consider choosing a variable speed pool pump because of the variety of benefits that you’ll get in return. They add value by providing more flexibility and reducing the cost of operating your pool. To find out how they do this, read on for the advantages. Saves energy: these pool pumps can be setup to work at full capacity during the times of the day that you are in the pool and then at low capacity when you are not using the pool. Read More»

Should You Install A Saltwater Pool?

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Every pool needs to be treated in order to remain safe. Bacteria, viruses, and similar contaminants are free to build up if this does not occur, so treatment is never going to be optional. However, you do have the choice to install a saltwater pool instead. What are the advantages of saltwater? Firstly, you need to understand that saltwater pools contain salt levels far below those that are found in the ocean. Read More»

How to lower pool heating costs

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A swimming pool with regulated temperatures is a perfect way to ensure you can swim in your pool regardless of the surrounding temperatures. Although a heated pool has numerous advantages, rising energy costs is a significant limitation. As a result, heated swimming pools will require efficient cost saving heating systems. There are several techniques in which you can reduce the costs of pool heating. This involves a combination of good technology, type of heater in use and the heating schedule alterations. Read More»