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Why Is Your Spa Pump Humming?

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Spa pumps make some noise when they operate. You can expect a certain amount and type of noise when you use the pool.

However, changes in these noises aren't usual. They often indicate a problem with the pump itself. For example, if your pump starts to make humming noises, then you should sit up and take notice. Why is your pump humming?

Vibration Problems

Spa pumps should sit firmly in place. This fixed position minimises the noise they make. However, sometimes, they vibrate. This can be down to a problem in the spa or with the pump.

If your pump has hummed ever since you installed your spa, then the spa may not be fully insulated. This often happens if your spa sits on a wooden base and doesn't have any acoustic insulating measures in place. As the spa works, the wood vibrates. These vibrations pass through to the pump, making it hum.

If the humming is a new thing, then something might be loose in your system. If the pump slips or shifts slightly, or if something else moves and knocks against it, then it will start to vibrate and hum.

For example, the movements of the motor can loosen the fixings that hold the pump in place. If these become loose, then the pump moves as it works which makes the humming sound.

Air Lock Problems

Sometimes, air lodges inside a pump, especially if the spa isn't draining quite right. If a pump has air in it, then it can't circulate water as efficiently as it should. It has to deal with tiny pockets of air as well as water. This can make the pump hum slightly as it struggles to work.

Mechanical Problems

Spa pumps also sometimes have mechanical problems that lead to unusual sounds like humming. This humming often goes hand in hand with water flow problems. For example, the pump might not be circulating water, or its flow might be lower than normal. Your water temperature might also dip.

This kind of hum sometimes comes from an electrical fault in the pump. In some cases, it's a sign that the pump is seizing up so that it can't work smoothly. This can have various causes ranging from debris damaging the inside of the pump to bearing failure.

If your pump is humming, then call out your spa services company. While realigning a loose pump is a simple enough job, humming noises can be a sign of a deeper problem that needs repair before the whole pump fails.