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Don't Overlook These Important Details When Choosing Pool Fencing

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When choosing a pool fence, the first thing you'll need to do is learn about any local building codes or homeowner's association rules that dictate the size and type of fence needed for your yard. Once you have those requirements in mind, note a few other important details you don't want to overlook when choosing pool fencing so you know you'll find the right style and material for your needs and so that there are no surprises with the look or function of the fence once it's installed.


When purchasing a mesh fence, note that different colours will be more or less visible from a distance. A dark colour may actually block the view to the pool, even if the mesh itself is somewhat large, and may also be very visible and obtrusive. On the other hand, a light grey or beige mesh fence may tend to actually disappear from view, so that it doesn't interfere with the landscaping of your yard and doesn't make the pool area seem closed-in and small.

Note that the colour of a glass pool fence is also important; a very clear glass isn't obtrusive, but it also offers no privacy in the pool area, and may even result in wildlife or your own pet accidentally running into the panels! Glass with a slight green tone or a smoky colour can be more visible and offer more privacy, and may be a better option for your home.

Interior and perimeter fencing

An interior pool fence just surrounds the pool area itself and not the entire yard. If your property already has a perimeter fence and you're only searching for an interior fence, be sure that both fence styles coordinate; a mesh interior fence may clash with a wrought iron perimeter fence, and a vinyl interior fence might seem overly artificial next to a natural wood exterior fence. If you're not sure what type of interior fence would coordinate with the perimeter fence, opt for a neutral, clear glass.


Ensure that your pool fence coordinates with your landscaping. If you have lots of roses, as an example, you might want a white picket fence, to create an English cottage look. If you have Japanese maple trees in the yard, consider a bamboo fence, to continue the Asian look of the space. If you don't have much landscaping and prefer a more modern look with stone pavers and trimmed hedges, choose a glass fence that is in keeping with that simple and modern style.