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Tips to Remember When Cleaning a Green Pool

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Your swimming pool may become green or very dirty if debris or algae accumulate in that pool to a high level. This article discusses some helpful tips that you should bear in mind as you clean that pool.

Avoid Vacuuming the Pool 

Some homeowners try to vacuum the pool in an attempt to clean it quickly when it has become green. This is not advisable for several reasons. First, you will be unable to see what is at the bottom of that pool. Consequently, the vacuum system may sustain wear and tear from the large pieces of debris at the bottom of the pool. Secondly, you risk clogging the pipes of your pool if you try to vacuum it before getting rid of the large debris at the bottom of the pool. Instead, use a leaf net to remove the debris.

Adjust the pH

It is possible that the level of alkalinity within the swimming pool went below or exceeded the recommended range. That change may have given algae or bacteria chance to grow quickly and cause your pool to become green.

Your efforts to clean the pool will most likely be futile if you forget to adjust the alkalinity to the recommended range. Several products are available for making this adjustment. Visit a pool supplies store near you and buy one of the available products. Adhere to the application instructions given on the package.

Choose the Correct Type of Chlorine

The pool water will gradually become clear if you shock that pool by adding large amounts of chlorine each day for several days. However, you will achieve better results if you opt to use liquid chlorine instead of the powdered one. This is because the liquid version will circulate throughout the pool more quickly than the powdered one that has to dissolve before it can have any effect in the water.

Check the Filter System

You may have to run the filtration system in order to clear up the remaining debris after scooping up the larger pieces with a leaf net. The water should now be clear in four or five days. Check the filter for clogs in case your pool takes longer to become clear again.

An extreme weather event, such as a storm, may have caused your pool to become green. In such a case, contact professionals to clean it. This is because the equipment that you have at home may be inadequate in dealing with the large amount of debris that has collected in your pool.