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Designs and Features to Discuss With Your Designer Pool Builder

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A standard pool builder may simply dig a pit for concrete in your yard, and you might be happy with this type of pool. However, if you've hired designer pool builders, this means taking the time to add extra features that make your pool more comfortable and inviting, more attractive, or just more unique. While you might have some ideas about the type of pool you want, note a few designs and features to discuss with your pool builder so you know you wind up with the pool of your dreams.

Natural pools

A natural pool is one that resembles an oasis you would find in nature. You typically cannot see the pool edges with a natural pool, and it has lots of lush landscaping including rocks and small trees that overlap the pool, just as you might find in an oasis. You don't need to have this type of landscaping in your yard already for a natural pool; a designer pool builder can note the best types of plants, vines, and other such vegetation to bring in that creates a lush feeling. Artificial boulders can also be constructed with cement and wiring, so they look very attractive but are very lightweight. If you like the idea of swimming in nature rather than a plain residential pool, talk to your designer about a natural pool idea.

Lap pool

A lap pool is often built to the same size as an Olympic swimming pool and may be marked on the bottom for distance and depth. This allows someone to practice their timing for swimming in such a pool and keep track of their distance as they keep their head down in the water, as you do when swimming laps. A stand on the side of the pool for diving in, just as you do with regular swim meets and competitions, can also help a person practice. For those who love to swim as exercise or who are training for swimming meets, this can be a good choice in your yard.


A freeform pool is one without a distinct shape. It may simply curve at certain areas, go around landscaping and other features, resemble butterfly wings, or otherwise be without a particular design. This type of pool can look very natural and less like a public pool than one that is a standard rectangle or circle. If you prefer a more natural look for your pool but aren't ready for the jungle oasis look, ask about a freeform design.