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3 Different Ways To Transform The Look Of Your Swimming Pool

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If you have had a pool for a few years, it's very easy to get bored with the usual look. As an outdoor recreational facility, a swimming pool should be inviting. Just like your house may need a renovation or your garden may need some thorough work, your pool, too, can benefit from a makeover.

Through the services of a pool service company, you can completely change the look of your pool to make your outdoor area exciting again:

Pool liners

Pool liners are thick flexible covers made or vinyl plastic material. They are light, waterproof and perfect for covering your pool surface for a transformational look. Pool liners offer a simple, quick and affordable way to change the look of your pool without carrying out too much construction work.

To get a liner for your swimming pool, you'll need to take measurements or have a technician come and measure your pool. You'll then order the liner design you want. Pool liners are found in numerous shades of blue. Some have a light blue shade and others have deep blue hues that mimic Mediterranean waters. You can even get a pool liner that looks like tiling.

When your liner is ready, your contractor will prep your pool surface by smoothing it or plastering. The liner will then be stuck on using adhesive. When done, your pool will be filled and you can indulge!


Plastering is yet another way to change the look of your pool, especially for pools that are old or neglected. With this option, you can restore the former 'brand new' look of your pool or you can experiment and change the color of your pool by asking for pigmented plaster. If going with the latter, all you have to do is choose the color you'd like your pool to have. This can be white, cream or any shade of blue.

When done, your contractor will first prepare your pool surface by smoothing it. If the pool was dirty, an acid wash may be carried out. When ready, your contractor will apply the plaster coat. This will be left to cure for several days after which your pool will be ready to use.


The other way to make over your swimming pool is by tiling it. You can do this for a pool that was formerly tiled by has signs of aging. Alternatively, you can seek tiling as a departure from other pool looks such as plastering or liners.

Just like liners, tiles allow you to choose different colors and designs for your new pool. You also get to pick between ordinary tiles, mosaic tiles and glass tiles. In addition to this, your pool service contractor can combine different tile designs to create a unique look.

For installation, the pool walls will first be plastered afresh. When dry, adhesive and grout will be used to attach the tiles. These will then be caulked with a sealer to proof against water leaks. The tiles will be left to cure for several days after which you can use your pool.

Ready for a 'new' pool? Talk to a pool service contractor. Find out the cost of material and labor that is needed for the pool fit-out. Once done, you can enjoy having a modern looking pool with clean sparkling water and a shiny new appearance.