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How to lower pool heating costs

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A swimming pool with regulated temperatures is a perfect way to ensure you can swim in your pool regardless of the surrounding temperatures. Although a heated pool has numerous advantages, rising energy costs is a significant limitation. As a result, heated swimming pools will require efficient cost saving heating systems. There are several techniques in which you can reduce the costs of pool heating. This involves a combination of good technology, type of heater in use and the heating schedule alterations. Below is a detailed classification of efficient pool heating techniques.

Smart technology

Pool heating can become very expensive if the heaters used are left on and running when the pool is not in use. The energy wasted would otherwise be saved or utilised in other ways if the pool is controlled using automated systems. The automated control systems can be programmed to turn on and off depending on your swimming schedules. With the rise in technology, some automated control systems can be controlled through a mobile phone device.

Use the correct heater

Heaters vary depending on the amount and type of energy used. This greatly affects the costs of heating your pool. Below are some of the pool heaters you can use.

  • Electric heat pump heaters- The electric heat pump heaters work like a reversed cooling system. The heater heats air from the surrounding and directs the heat into the pool. For large swimming pools, the pump is the most effective since it heats faster and is quite economical.
  • Solar pool heating- This method uses solar heaters to heat the pool. Although the method is effective, it is best used during hot seasons since it greatly relies on the sun.
  • Gas fired heaters-These types of heaters are very effective since they use heat stored as potential energy. However, the heaters are best fit for small pools as they can be quite expensive to install and maintain.
  • Electric heating method-This method uses a heating mechanism similar to an electric kettle. It is quite costly to run and maintain. Additionally, these types of heaters are prone to overheating incidents.

It is advisable to reach a pool heating technician before installation. This is because the best type of heater to use can vary depending on your needs and geographical location.

Pool covers

You can minimise the heat lost through evaporation by using a pool cover. This in turn minimises heating costs. Pool covers also absorb solar heat and transfer the heat to the pool. Pool covers can be used in combination with any heating method.

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